Why Is It Important That Clients Be 100% Honest With You At Every Step Of Their Case?

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It all boils down to no surprises. It’s better to know everything upfront than to be surprised about it. The last thing we want is for a shock to occur during a trial. The client needs to be 100% honest whatever the case might be, because many times, the thing that a client thinks is too embarrassing to tell their lawyer is, in fact, not embarrassing at all, or there are ways to prevent it from ever being brought up during the case. If a client doesn’t tell me about it, I can never file a motion to prevent it from being brought up during their trials and instead will be surprised by that in court. It goes back to that trust issue; if the client isn’t willing to disclose even embarrassing information, then we lack some level of trust.

One of the questions I often ask, even in the claim intake, is what the worst thing somebody will say about you is? We can deal with those things on the legal front and maybe outside of court.

What Can Your Client Do To Help You Build The Best Defense For Their Case?

There are many things a client can do. The client can primarily assist with the gathering of essential documents. Where are the contracts, the emails you two had going back and forth, photographs involved in this particular business deal, witnesses, or outdoor contacts who may have heard about it? Especially at the beginning of the case, a client is essential because maybe we can get to the heart of the issues before we even need to file a lawsuit, potentially saving that client thousands of dollars and countless hours.

What Qualities Make Up The Best Criminal Defense Client?

The best criminal defense clients are the ones that participate with me and who are open and honest about what the circumstances might be. They are also humble enough to know that they don’t understand everything and to ask good questions. Sometimes people think if they ask questions that they will sound unintelligent. A client must be open and honest and ask questions. I understand the client’s perspective through the questions they ask me.

You are hiring me to take your perspective of the situation and then articulating that into legal language. I’m almost translating it to a jury to understand what their decision has to be based on. It’s only through questions and answers and understanding that we can do that.

What Are Some Of The Worst Things A Client Can Do?

The worst things a client can do are not being honest, doing things independently, or becoming their own investigator. The next thing is when we have agreed on a particular course of action that is not followed through. For instance, I had a client go to sentencing about a month or two ago, and I asked him to write out what he was going to tell the judge so that he could be prepared. He didn’t do it, said he didn’t want to, and that it wouldn’t help the situation. It’s never good to wing something, especially in front of a federal judge, and of course, it didn’t go well.

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