White Collar Crimes

Illegally Obtaining Funds From a Businesses and/or Individuals

White-collar charges are not only brought against individuals, oftentimes businesses, corporations, or government employees fall under scrutiny. 

Money Laundering
Securities Fraud
Insurance Fraud
Credit Card Fraud
Tax Evasion
Healthcare Fraud
Mortgage Fraud
Mail Fraud
Wire Fraud
Identity Theft

White-Collar Criminal Defense Attorney

If convicted of a white-collar crime, you could be sentenced to time in prison, and in addition may receive exorbitant fines, restitution, probation, asset seizure, and other stiff penalties. At Brad Miller Law, our white-collar crime attorney Brad Miller will aggressively defend your rights, building a strong defense to provide reduced or dropped charges.

The legal system is intricate, the chances of winning your case are slim without an experienced Attorney


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Brad Miller

We all know the heart-stopping sensation of seeing red and blue lights flashing behind us. There's no worse feeling than realizing legal challenges are ahead, along with all their unforeseen fallout.

I believe everyone deserves a second chance. That's why I will use my extensive expertise to personally support you through your legal battle. Together we will broaden the perspective of the case, anticipate the unexpected outcomes, and decide on the optimal defense strategy.

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