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white-collar-crimeIf you’re facing criminal charges in the state of Arizona, having the right lawyer with trial experience can make all of the difference in your case. Attorney Brad Miller of Brad Miller Law has practiced criminal law for over a decade, and in that time, he has defended over 40 cases in front of juries in federal courts, state courts, and military courts, giving him extensive experience with the criminal justice system.

Attorney Brad Miller and his legal team have successfully fought charges ranging from sex crimes to drug trafficking, as well as all types of white-collar crimes, on behalf of his clients. If you have been charged, or may be charged, with a crime involving fraud, money laundering, deceptive business practices, perjury, extortion, or bribery, you need a white-collar crime attorney here in Casa Grande, AZ, who knows how to fight for you in front of a jury. Brad Miller Law is ready to start building your defense.

White-Collar Crimes

White-collar crimes are non-violent offenses that often involve a financial motive. Due to the complexity of defending such cases and the resources needed, not just any criminal defense lawyer will do. If you’re under investigation for a white-collar crime or have been charged with committing one, you need an expert white-collar crime attorney on your side.

Not only do prosecutors relentlessly pursue these types of crimes, but the penalties—including prison time, exorbitant fines, restitution, probation, and asset seizure—can also be quite harsh. Attorney Brad Miller has extensive experience building a strong defense against white-collar crimes charges, such as the following:

  • Money Laundering – The charge of money laundering refers to the criminal act of disguising the source or amount of money obtained by illegal means (called “dirty” money) through commercial transactions with legitimate businesses or numerous banking transfers to “clean” the money and avoid criminal investigation and prosecution. This is a serious federal offense with penalties for conviction including up to 20 years in prison. If you find yourself under investigation or are associated in any way with someone under suspicion of money laundering, you need a seasoned money laundering lawyer to protect you from serious charges in this highly complex area of federal law.
  • Bribery – Federal law forbids the offer of goods, services, preferential treatment, or money in exchange for favors. Both the offeror and the receiver of a bribe can be criminally charged under federal law. Sometimes, innocent acts can be misconstrued as attempts to bribe. If you’re accused of this white-collar offense, you need an Arizona bribery defense lawyer to look at the details of your case and build your best defense strategy.
  • Embezzlement – The state of Arizona defines embezzlement as the criminal act of stealing money and/or property when you’ve been entrusted with its management. An embezzler is someone who took advantage of their authorized access to another’s property for personal gain. If you repeatedly took amounts of property over time, you could be charged with multiple counts, with each count likely resulting in prison time. A Class 2 Felony for embezzlement carries a prison sentence of four to 12.5 years. If you’re under investigation or if your company is about to be audited, you need a well-respected embezzlement attorney to help you strategize an effective defense against any allegations.
  • Fraud – This criminal act encompasses numerous variations of knowingly misrepresenting a situation to obtain a benefit. Arizona law states that anyone who perpetrates a scheme to defraud or who knowingly obtains any benefit through the use of false pretenses, promises, or material omissions is guilty of this Class 2 Felony. Charges for fraud, including Medicare fraud, mail fraud, tax fraud, securities fraud, bank fraud, mortgage fraud, and more, can be brought on either a state or federal level. If you’re facing charges for fraud, you need a fraud defense attorney who specializes in this highly complex criminal area to defend your rights. For those accused of stockbroker or investment fraud, you need an investment fraud lawyer with experience working with brokerage firms, financial advisers, and insurance companies to help you navigate these charges.
  • Extortion – Any attempt to obtain property, services, or money through the use of threats constitutes extortion. “Shakedowns”, blackmail, cyberextortion, and other crimes of extortion can be prosecuted on the state and federal level, depending on the circumstances. If you’re facing charges, you should consult an expert extortion lawyer to prepare your vigorous legal defense and preserve your freedom.

 Experienced, Robust Legal Representation

If you’re facing criminal charges for a white-collar crime, it’s important to take the proactive step of consulting an attorney with a proven success record as soon as possible. Your lawyer can lay the groundwork for your defense and advise you on how to avoid self-incrimination during your investigation.

Attorney Brad Miller is ready to start building your strong and effective legal defense today. At Brad Miller Law, we believe our clients deserve the very best legal representation. For that reason, we’ve built a reputation for robust criminal defense in white-collar crime and other cases throughout Arizona. If we cannot get the charges dropped altogether, we work to reduce the charges, penalties, and potential restitution. After a decade of aggressive trial performance, we’ve acquired a plethora of defense strategies aimed at keeping our clients out of jail.

If you, your business, or your corporation is facing an indictment for white-collar crime, it’s vital to enlist the legal assistance of a knowledgeable criminal attorney here in Casa Grande, AZ. Your rights and your very freedom could depend on it. Attorney Brad Miller is committed to providing you exceptional advocacy.

Contact Brad Miller Law today for an in-depth consultation.

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