What If Someone Doesn’t Have The Resources To Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney?

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If a client needs, we have payment plans available for service. We can work with that particular individual to ensure that they can get the best criminal defense on a specific program. You may not have the money right now, but there are other ways to operate. There are also personal loan companies and other ways that we can handle the issue of money.

A funding issue should never be a reason not to call me. At the very least, we can discuss the situation and the options available to you. I don’t charge for consultations, so I believe it benefits anyone to call me, give me the basic facts of their case, and begin to work out a solution that helps you.

Why Do People Typically Hesitate To Contact An Attorney Regarding Their Criminal Case?

It is often because they have never spoken to an attorney before, so they don’t know what it will be like. There is a perception that attorneys are scary individuals, maybe not in a frightful sense, but because of the level of education or the belief that they are above other people, which is not the case. For instance, I come from a blue-collar family. My dad was a roofer, and to put myself through college, I worked as a bricklayer and landscaping jobs in the summers. Many of us are out there, like myself, who are blue-collar people, served our country in the military, and understand the ins and of people because I’ve had the same struggles.

One other exciting option that I think many people don’t realize is that attorneys can provide a limited appearance. Say you want to hire an attorney to do one hearing for you, and you don’t want them to do anything else. An attorney can come in and do the one hearing for you and then back out of the case. The client gets to decide the level of service they desire and for what aspects of their case. People don’t realize the scope of options available to them, so instead of calling, they try to handle it independently.

From my experience, anybody who handles it on their own ends up failing and drastically hindering their case.

How Do You Convey Future Ramifications Of A Criminal Case To Potential Clients?

I walk them through it on multiple levels and talk to them about the process because many people have already Googled it. But again, it’s a different understanding when I explain it to them. I walk each client through the process, step by step, and ensure they have a full grasp on every aspect of the situation. I let them know about the timeframes and their timelines to conduct particular hearings or request certain types of evidence.

I also make a point to discuss the client’s personal life. I make an effort to get to know every client that walks through my door. You are not a number to me, just like I hope the client doesn’t think of me as somebody that’s just on a billboard. We will walk through their lives, what got them to that point where they were facing criminal charges, and then try and see to adjust their situation to prevent these things from occurring in the future. Most people don’t know that if CPS comes in and does an investigation and substantiates a claim against a particular individual, while that may not carry criminal charges, a person can still appeal that CPS decision and wipe it off their record. Many people also probably don’t know that it’s on your permanent record once CPS investigates you. There are ways to wipe those things off your record, and those are other things that I can assist the client with and for which I can walk them through the process.

For more information on Resources To Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney, a free initial consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling (623) 241-3664 today.

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