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We need to communicate to the point where you feel comfortable with your defense and are familiar with the strategy. I find that many clients like status updates often, so I have made a case management system where a client can log in and see the case status. That client and I can also write notes back and forth about changes or exhibits that they would like admitted in court. Clients appreciate the ability to communicate and get status updates as often as possible.

What Expectations Do You Have For Your Clients?

I have great expectations of my clients. For instance, if I’m writing, say, a sentencing argument or a closing argument, I’ll ask my client to go on the same Word document that I’m on and assist me and add their input. I want to know what they are thinking and how they think statements should be phrased. I will also ask clients to assist me with cross-examination questions because they know these people better than I do. I ask them to assist me in understanding who this person is, who their friends are, what questions to ask, what this person likes or doesn’t like, and their peculiarities.

I do demand a lot of my clients. The clients who are the best fit with me are the ones that want input in their case and don’t mind also rolling up their sleeves and doing a little bit of work so we can come up with a much better result than either of us could have individually.

Why Is The Relationship Between An Attorney And Client So Important To The Outcome Of The Case?

Many criminal cases hinge on the minute details of the case. The relationship is good because eventually, if we decide that the client should take the witness stand, the jury can see through if my client and I do not have a relationship because if it feels stale or fake, that’s not something that we want to come across. That client needs to appear natural and truthful because that’s going to be extremely important.

If my client and I can speak as if we know each other on the witness stand, the jury will also feel like they know this person and understand them more effectively. We are not trying to gain sympathy unfairly, but I think it will be easier to understand what they say.

How Often Should Clients Expect To Be In Communication With You Throughout Their Case?

Though it may be a cliché answer, it depends on the details of the case. For instance, in a criminal case, most of the work is completed up front, which is why it is so vital to hire an attorney as soon as possible. We need to communicate a lot upfront because many things are occurring quickly. We are creating the theme and theory of the case, a case strategy, a witness list, an exhibit list, understanding which expert witnesses are best to hire, and conducting multiple interviews, so I want that person involved.

Can A Client Contact You At Any Time With Questions Or Concerns About Their Case?

My case management system with my client has a communication section to always type back and forth in a secure environment. Nothing that they say can be hacked or ever seen by anybody else, and of course, it’s protected by the attorney-client privilege. But yes, I want my clients to let me know what’s going on. If there are any changes, they saw the police or an accuser drive by their home, there are communication issues with somebody, or I had a client recently where people started posting information about them on social media. I need to be privy to that information so that I can use it in your case. It is critical that clients contact me whenever concerns come up.

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