What Are Some Red Flags To Consider When Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney?

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A significant red flag I see is bragging about case results. I believe they throw out those terms without a complete understanding of what that means. Just because a person was acquitted on a particular charge, it doesn’t make them an excellent criminal defense attorney because, many times, a prosecutor will throw out charges on their own. When researching and talking to the criminal defense attorneys, I think you need to ask about their actual trial experience, how many cases they’ve taken to trial, and their breadth of knowledge.

The types of cases they’ve handled are significant. Whether it be violent crimes, sex crimes, DUI investigations, and if they’ve been on both sides are essential factors. I think a person must have a breadth of experience, not just focused expertise in one particular area.

What Sets You And Your Firm Apart In Defending Clients Facing Criminal Charges As Well As CPS Investigations?

What sets my firm and me apart is a breadth of experience. I’ve handled thousands of types of cases. There is a misunderstanding out there that people boast about, which is being siloed in their niche. They don’t realize that the law is connected.

The rules in court relate to the same things, and when you have a wide breadth of experience, you can understand how one thing will affect another. I can understand how your criminal case will affect your family case, which will affect your civil case. For instance, many people don’t understand the concept of double jeopardy. You can be charged both federally and criminally and through the state criminal court for the same crime. A person can be charged on tribal land and be charged again for the same crime in federal court, which could also implicate civil court issues. What sets our firm apart is that we’ve handled all of those types of cases. We’ve handled federal, military, and state court cases.

We’ve seen it, we’ve done it, and we can handle it.

Additional Information On Hiring Experienced Criminal Defense Counsel In Arizona

The most significant thing is that if you think you should call, then call. Don’t be bashful because we are more than willing to take your call, and even if we can’t assist, which I am confident that we can, we can at least point you in the right direction and give you advice on where you should go. I also like to do volunteer work for various veteran’s organizations. I find that if a particular disabled veteran comes in for disability counseling, we can often assist in helping them with criminal or civil issues.

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