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Take on the case without taking on the burden.

Not every attorney wants to be a trial attorney, yet trials are a key part of every law firm’s practice. With Trial Partners, you finally have a way to take on the case without taking on the burden.

Trial Partners serves attorneys by providing local attorneys to defend the cases on behalf of your law firm. In this way, your firm is able to better serve your clients and your community without having to commit to lenghty, costly court trials. This means that you can focus your time on other areas of your practice, while Trial Partners does the rest.

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Not Every Attorney Wants To Be A Trial Attorney

Trials Can Be Lenghthy

Preparation Can Be Extensive

Trials Require Experience

Why do so many attorneys dislike jury trials?

Attorneys are not always comfortable trying a jury trial. In fact, most lawyers in have actually never tried a jury trial to a verdict. If this is you, you’re not alone, and there is definitely another option: Trial Partners.

Reason #1: You simply don't have the time.

As an attorney, you may have some ability when trying a trial by jury. However, those skills are useless to you if you do not have the time needed to prepare the case for court.

Let’s face it : a trial by jury is arguably the most difficult and complex type of proceeding. That means that it will take an ample amount of time for you and your team to prepare the case. You will need to conduct voire dire (i.e. jury selection), interview and prepare witnesses, review discovery, select exhibits for trial, prepare an opening and closing statement, the list goes on.

The test is not how many clients your practice has. The real test is whether or not that you have the adequate staff and time to dedicate to properly preparing for the final hearing in which a jury of your client’s peers will make some important decisions. If you won’t have the time to truly prepare the case for the hearing, you should be sure to select an attorney with the time.

The solution:

As a service dedicated exclusively to managing jury trial cases, Trial Partners ALWAYS has the time, the team, and the resources to properly defend your clients. Contact Trial Partners to learn more and get started.

Reason #2: You simply don't have the resources required to take a case to trial.

Oftentimes attorneys, especially new ones, lack the resources to accomplish proper preparation for court. Preparing for trial will take the use of many of your vital resources. For adequate trial preparation, your will also need to have staff that can help do tedious tasks such as reviewing discovery for deficiencies, identifying and/or subpoenaing witnesses, and even reaching out to clients in case more information or documentation is needed.

You should also have the right contacts. In complicated cases, it is quite common to work very closely with experts. There could be child psychologists or CPAs that your law firm will need to have positive prior working relationships with. This will help out when it is time for that expert to provide testimony.

The Solution:

Trial Partners exists only to defend jury trials and we have the resources required to win. Whether you are a new attorney, or an established attorney who doesn’t want the headache of taking a case to trial, Trial Partners is simply the only resource that your firm needs to be successful. Click the button below to learn more and get the conversation started.

Trial Partners is exclusively dedicated to defending jury trials. Contact us today to learn more and get started.

Reason #4 : You Are Not Comfortable Speaking in Front of a Room Full of People.

This is more common than you think, and it may be something that you have already experienced yourself. Can anyone say stage fright? Believe it or not, some attorneys are not great at public speaking. Some get nervous when speaking in front of a large number of people.

Since jury trials will have many people attend the hearing and hear testimony, there will be a vast amount of people present. The jury will be there, the judge, the other attorney, your firm’s partners, witnesses, etc. so it is common for the courtroom to be quite full during a trial by jury.

Of course, you went to law school and passed the bar, but that does not mean that you are comfortable or confident when speaking in front of a large group of people. During a trial, you need to be an attorney that is poised, confident, and one that won’t break a sweat when presenting to the Court.

The Solution:

Leave the public speaking to the attorneys at Trial Partners who have the comfort and experience addressing the court and defending the case. Trial Partners is dedicated to trial cases exclusively, and we are ready to take on the burden of the trial for you.

Reason #4: You aren't experienced enough to take a case to trial.

This seems to be the most common reason that attorneys do not like trying jury trials: they don’t fully know what they are doing. Since a majority of all cases settle without ever making it to trial, it is understandable that a vast majority of attorneys have never tried a trial by jury.

Many attorneys have never had to do voire dire (the process of selection, or more accurately, de-selecting a jury), give an opening and closing statement, work with experts, argue pre-trial motions, etc.

The Solution:

Trial Partners is the opposite. The attorneys at Trial Partners have consulted on, given courses on, and tried cases with jury trials all over the US. In other professions, you call in a specialist to handle particular parts of a clients care. Trial Partners brings this concept to the legal industry by allowing your firm to benefit from our resources and experience in a jury trial.

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