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Property Line DisputesFew things can make the situation between you and a neighbor more uncomfortable than a property line dispute. Without a clear description of the legal border between your land and your neighbor’s land in your deed, something as simple as putting up a fence or trimming a tree can become litigious and quickly threaten your financial wellbeing. Some disputes even arise, not due to the use of the land, but the mere appearance of a shared space or a neighboring property.

Arizona does not have laws that specifically address residential fences and trees; instead, the state takes a common law approach, meaning border disagreements often need to be resolved in court if neighbors cannot come to a settlement on their own or with the assistance of a neutral mediator.

Our property line disputes attorney at Brad Miller Law LLC can perform a thorough review of your property deed to determine the accurate boundary lines. If the legal description of your property boundary matches your claim, we can help you work out an amicable agreement or settlement with your neighbor without pursuing a court case, which could get ugly. When up against a law firm that’s not afraid to take a dispute to court, your neighbor might be more willing to consider the matter from a reasonable standpoint. If there are any defects in your deed, we can help you to resolve them.

When It Might Be Necessary To File A Title Claim

If your neighbor is not willing to come to a quiet agreement and all settlement options have failed, we can start a title claim on your behalf to ask the court to resolve the dispute. In some cases, we might pursue a trespassing claim and seek damages. Our attorneys at Brad Miller Law are highly experienced in real estate disputes and litigation and can work to ensure a fair and equitable outcome for your claim.

Legal Counsel For Property Line Disputes in Arizona

Don’t let a disagreement get blown out of proportion. An experienced attorney for resolving property line disputes can evaluate your legal boundaries and offer personalized strategies for resolution.

The attorneys at Brad Miller Law have extensive experience handling various types of property boundary disputes here in Arizona. We can help you collect evidence, review your deeds for accuracy, propose a fair settlement, and, if necessary, pursue legal action. Our knowledge of real estate laws in Arizona helps us offer the most accurate guidance in property or title disputes or easement issues. If it’s necessary to go to court to resolve your property dispute, we have the trial experience needed to secure the best possible outcome for you.

If your property is on the line, you need a real estate law advocate on your side of the fence to protect your interests. Schedule your confidential initial consultation with our property dispute expert today.

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