What Are the Most Common Types of Civil Cases That Your Firm Takes On?

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    For civil cases, our firm commonly handles business disputes or contract disputes. Let’s say, for instance, a person hires a remodeler to remodel their home, and something goes wrong—that’s a contract dispute. I’ve handled cases where we file complaints with the Registrar of Contractors in order to seek that contractor’s bond to pay back the damage or the shoddy workmanship.

    I’ve handled matters regarding other types of contract disputes, like non-disclosure agreements or issues regarding the sale of homes. Let’s say you’re in the process of buying a home and you’ve gone through all your disclosures, you’re about to close, and then you find out that the home had, in fact, flooded, though the person didn’t disclose that in their required disclosures under Arizona law. I’ve handled those types of disputes.

    When it comes to employment-related issues, I just finished a year-long deployment, during which time I handled a few cases regarding employment discrimination. An employer, under federal law, is required to allow a member to deploy with the United States Military and to give that person’s job back upon their return. I’ve handled matters where an employer has wrongly fired an employee after deployment.

    Employment cases also commonly involve other types of discrimination, involving a person’s race, disability, religion, etc. I handled a matter where a home owner’s association told a buyer, after they had been in contract on a property, that they did not want any Christians moving into their neighborhood, which is clearly religious discrimination.

    What Are Some Examples of Contract Law Cases That Your Firm Handles?

    One of the matters I handled back in January was a case regarding the sale of a business. My client signed an agreement and paid money to buy a business after doing their due diligence. Only then do they discover that the seller of the business failed to disclose that they had cooked the accounting records. It took my client about six months to finally figure out that all of the accounting records that he’d been presented with prior to the purchase of the business were totally inaccurate. I handled that particular matter, which ended up going to trial, and we successfully won money for my client.

    I handled another case for a client who did a remodel of a property before people moved into that property. Despite nothing being wrong with the property, the new owners didn’t like it and decided to remove some of the shingles from the home, which the client only learned about later. During a rain storm, water leaked through the ceiling, creating a mold infestation throughout the entire home, which they tried to blame on my client for shoddy work. We had to hire an expert witness, who helped us determine that it was, in fact, the home owner who had destroyed their own house in order to get out of the property. That case went to trial, where we were successful on behalf of the contractor.

    Contract is a broad term, but it can encompass literally any agreement between two people to do something, whether it be to build something, fix something, or perform a service. We handle any type of contract dispute.

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