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Sexual Exploitation of a Minor/Child Pornography

If you are charged with Sexual Exploitation of a Minor you need an attorney experienced in handling this type of crime.

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A.R.S. 13-3553

A.R.S. §13-3553 defines the crime of sexual exploitation as “Distributing, transporting, exhibiting, receiving, selling, purchasing, electronically transmitting, possessing or exchanging any visual depiction in which a minor is engaged in exploitive exhibition or other sexual conduct.”

Under A.R.S. §13-705, each image of child pornography carries a mandatory prison sentence of 10-24 years.  This is a mandatory sentence that cannot be reduced by the Court.

This prison sentence is also “flat” time meaning that you are not eligible for early release from prison.  These crimes are very technical, and you need to call an attorney who has the technical background to assist you with your case.  We have handled these types of crimes for years, attended conferences on the newest investigative techniques, and we are fully equipped to assist you with your case.

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