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Drug crimes are taken very seriously in Arizona.  Many are punishable by jail or prison time and include severe fines, probation, and drug treatment programs.  I will walk you through criminal justice process and together we will create a tailored strategy to handle your case.  I have defended clients with possession, transportation, and sales charges.

Drug crimes range from simple possession, to sale, to manufacturing, and involving a minor in a drug offense.  These crimes are taken seriously in Arizona and if you are convicted of a drug crime it will affect your life and you may lose any public benefits you receive.


CLICK NOW to have an attorney discuss your case with you.  I have assisted people who were cited for drug crimes for substances purchased legally and shipped via U.S. Mail.  Many people don’t know that federal drugs laws and Arizona drugs laws differ.  So something may be legal on a federal level but may be illegal in Arizona.

Arizona takes drug crimes seriously, you can be charged with a class 2 felony, which is the second highest type of felony in Arizona for driving a drug to a location to sell it.  This means you will be facing between 3 and 12.5 years for driving a narcotic drug to sell it.  CLICK NOW to speak with an experienced attorney who will analyze your case and protect your rights.