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Felony And Misdemeanor Crimes In Arizona

When someone is arrested and charged with a crime in Arizona, the offense will be classified as either a felony or misdemeanor. The classification of a crime will guide the penalties and overall outcome of the case. Whether an offense is a misdemeanor or felony will depend on the type of crime committed and the severity of the act. If you have been charged with a crime, it is wise to seek the counsel of a crime category attorney who represents clients in Arizona. A crime category attorney can assess your charges and determine how to best defend and move forward with your case.

Misdemeanor Crimes

Misdemeanors are less severe than felony crimes. However, a misdemeanor conviction can result in harsh penalties and fines. It is important not to underestimate the seriousness of a misdemeanor charge. If convicted of a misdemeanor, the defendant can serve up to six months in jail and incur a maximum fine of $2,500 in addition to court-ordered requirements. Of course, the penalties for a misdemeanor will depend on the severity of the crime. For more information on misdemeanor charges and penalties, talk to an experienced crime category attorney.

Felony Crimes

A felony charge can significantly impact the accused’s life. The consequences of a felony conviction can prompt drastic long-term effects. Since felony offenses are more serious than misdemeanors, the penalties and fines are harsher. If convicted of a felony, the defendant can face a long prison sentence, steep fines, difficulty securing a job, difficulty obtaining housing, lose the ability to vote, and more. In the event of a felony charge, it is expedient to seek the advice of a knowledgeable crime category attorney.

Federal Crimes Investigation

When there is reason to believe that a federal crime has been committed, the federal government will begin an investigation into the offense. A federal crime is a serious matter. If you are aware that you are being investigated for a federal offense, it is imperative to enlist the legal assistance of a federal crimes attorney who has experience representing clients in Arizona.

When a person is being investigated for a federal crime, they will typically receive a target letter or Grand Jury subpoena. A target letter is a letter notifying the recipient that they are a “target” in a federal investigation. The recipient may be someone with vital information about the investigation at hand. They may also be the direct target of the investigation. In cases where the target is the primary suspect in a federal investigation, the federal authorities will more than likely file a criminal charge against them in federal court. A target letter should never be ignored. If you are the recipient of a target letter, it is imperative to obtain the representation of an expert federal crimes attorney. A federal crimes attorney can advise you on how to best go about this situation. The sooner you retain a federal crimes attorney, the better. Early retention of a federal crimes attorney can prove invaluable to your circumstance. Your attorney can start working on your case right away and help mitigate the matter before it escalates further.

Arizona has some of the toughest sentences in the United States. You need an attorney who understands the criminal justice system, who prosecuted as a prosecutor, and has handled hundreds of cases. As a former state and military prosecutor, I have the experience both inside and outside the courtroom to protect your rights. CONTACT ME TODAY!

Federal Crimes

If you receive notice from the Department of Justice, IRS, DHS, you need to call immediately to discuss your case.  Title 18 of the United States Code governs crimes under federal law like, mail fraud, bank robbery, child pornography, credit card fraud, computer crimes, etc.  CONTACT ME NOW!

Federal Crimes


If you are on active duty, in a duty status as a reservist, you are subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice.  While you will be assigned a defense attorney, you have the right to hire an experienced attorney to defend your rights, career, and future.  Call me today for a consultation.


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