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    Brad Miller has extensive jury trial experience. He has tried cases Civil Cases in both Federal and State Courts.


    Civil Cases Include:

    • Business Cases
    • Contracts
    • Personal Injury
    • Property Disputes

    Hire an experienced jury trial attorney if your case is set for trial! Only trust someone with the experience to win your case. Hire someone who knows how to win your case and has a track record of winning cases.

    Why Hire A Civil Trial Lawyer?

    When a business dispute arises or a lawsuit is looming, the expertise of a civil trial lawyer is essential. An experienced civil trial lawyer has the ability to guide you through all sorts of complex legal matters. The legal system alone is intricate. Without the assistance of a proficient civil trial lawyer, the process can become overwhelming and stressful. Moreover, knowing the law and how it applies to the matter at hand is necessary in order to effectively stand against the opposition. If you do not have a full understanding of the legal issue you are facing, the chances of winning your case are slim. At Brad Miller Law, civil trial lawyer Brad Miller has successfully represented various civil cases in both state and federal courts. He not only recognizes the importance of listening to his clients, but also knows how critical it is to execute a thorough investigation and discovery process.

    General Information:

    Ideally, it is more cost and time-efficient to resolve a civil dispute or issue outside of court. Of course, that is not always the case. When separate parties cannot agree on terms or a settlement, court involvement may be required. If going to court is the only viable option for resolution, it is wise for the opposing sides to enlist their own civil trial lawyers. It is worth noting that prior to trial, extensive preparation is paramount. In reality, much effort is spent on preparation and the discovery stage, all of which can culminate up to the trial. Someone who does not possess the knowledge of the law and the ability to exhaustively analyze the situation, facts, and materials, will not be able to present a strong or convincing argument. For this reason, it is vital to hire a skilled civil trial lawyer.

    A professional civil trial lawyer’s job is to make sure that their clients’ rights and interests are always protected. Among their many skills, a civil trial lawyer knows how to negotiate, solve challenging obstacles, draft documents, research, perform queries, and deal with the court and opposing attorneys. More importantly, they know the law and how it applies to each case they represent. When civil trial lawyers are not in the courtroom, they are advising their clients. Before going to court, your civil trial attorney will advise you on the best options and course of action. They will help you draft or respond to a complaint, speak to the opposing parties on your behalf, answer notices, letters, and all relevant correspondence, file documents with the court, and ensure that you are justly represented.

    The litigation process can be lengthy. From beginning to end, a civil case in court can take anywhere from several months to a few years to fully resolve. As such, it is imperative to hire a civil trial lawyer you can trust.

    If you and another party become embroiled in a civil legal matter, attorney Brad Miller of Brad Miller Law is equipped to take your case to trial. Brad Miller Law serves and represents clients in Mesa, AZ and throughout Maricopa County.


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