Divorce can be one of the most emotional times in a person’s life especially when children are involved. Walk through your divorce with someone you can trust; someone who will advise you on the law; what you are entitled to; but also advise you on what is appropriate in a circumstance.

When two people marry, they begin what is called a marital community.  Most people know this as community property, which essentially means that each spouse shares in everything of the other spouse.  For instance, 100% of each spouses income is shared by the other spouse.    In Arizona, divorce is known as dissolution.  A dissolution occurs when one spouse files a petition with the Court, but the marital community does not stop until that petition is served on the other party.  Once the marital community stops, then assets need to be separated.  We assist you in separating assets because it can get complicated when the parties have 401K assets, rental properties, business assets, or an inheritance.

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