Child Custody


I often get the question, “If I get divorced or separated then what will happen to my children?” I will walk you through your options, because this often depends on a person’s situation.  What do I mean by situation?  If there is drug abuse, alcoholism, or domestic violence then these factors might change how a Judge awards custody (in Arizona called parenting time).  Often a Judge will start with 50/50 parenting time, but will consider deviations depending on the circumstances.  When you come into the office I will walk you through a series of questions and give an assessment of how a Judge might award parenting time.

Parenting Plan

Custody under Arizona law is called parenting time.  This is how the parties split time with children in common.  We will individualize your parenting plan since every person has different needs and schedules.  A parenting plan will include days that children are exchanged, holiday schedules, vacation days, if the parties can take the children out-of-state, and other such issues.  If you already have a parenting plan and you need it modified, call today so we can work to get your current plan modified to fit your schedule.

Many times parents have parenting plans that have not been updated in years and neither parent no longer follows the plan.  This is not a good plan, since the parenting plan you agreed to is a Court order, so you may be in violation of the Court order.

Call today so we can add flexibility into your plan to meet your needs.