Does Everyone Facing Criminal Charges And CPS Repercussions Deserve The Best Possible Defense?

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Often, our criminal system can get things wrong and make mistakes. For example, I represented a client who had some abuse allegations from CPS. He didn’t know where these allegations were coming from, and interviews with the CPS investigator found that the entire case hinged on a disgruntled ex-girlfriend, who decided to coach her daughter into making the particular allegation. Unfortunately, I think people want to do what’s right, but often they tend to lean too far in a direction without considering the entirety of the situation. As a criminal defendant, the person facing the charges deserves to be represented, and we believe that the process should be fair for all parties.

If someone is to be charged or have their children taken away, the burden of proof lies firmly with the accuser, and the standard of reasonable doubt must be surpassed. Frequently, I handle cases where a police detective is attempting to do what is right, but they are biased against the criminal defendant and will look at the matter with a skewed perspective. Everybody deserves the best defense possible, which is why I encourage people to contact me so I can walk you through your particular case, the facts and come up with a strategy to best represent and defend you.

Why Are Criminal Defense Lawyers Necessary To The Defense Of Anyone’s Case?

Since a person charged with a crime often is not familiar with the legal process, a lawyer’s expertise is invaluable. You can Google what the process consists of, but you can’t find the specific strategies and know-how that a lawyer can provide. The small details are what make a good defense lawyer. Their experience with particular strategies throughout the case can make a significant difference in the outcome of the matter.

An experienced criminal defense attorney knows what the process is, and what roadblocks to put up if necessary, and if it makes sense for the strategy for a particular Client’s case. So, they know those things. A good defense attorney is vital for success in anyone’s case, even if there is substantial evidence against the person. That’s where a good criminal defense attorney comes in. They can figure out ways to mitigate the pain or the amount of prison or jail time that the person may be facing.

How Do You Advise Potential Clients That Ignore The Severity Of Their Criminal Charges And Try To Handle Their Matters Without Retaining Legal Counsel?

They may be able to handle it independently, but there is a difference between a person running their own case and an attorney handling it. You must remember when a defendant speaks or negotiates with a particular individual or investigator, everything that they say can and will be used against them. They waive their Fifth Amendment rights, which is the right against self-incrimination. When an attorney deals with an investigator, speech is protected and cannot be used against a criminal defendant because they have invoked their Sixth Amendment right to counsel.

You may be able to handle simple matters or file the essential paperwork, but that doesn’t mean it will be effective. I’ll give you an example. I had to represent a criminal defendant who decided on his own that he wanted to start filing motions, even though I was representing him. He could potentially be taking a step backward. There are many things that an attorney brings to the table. For instance, I wouldn’t tell a doctor how to handle the care of a sick individual because that doctor was explicitly trained and has studied in the field and has gained experience from daily work.

A reasonable attorney will know how to handle specific issues and matter if they crop up from years of experience. You may be able to file the paperwork, but you don’t know how to make it effective. I like to study rhetoric, persuasion, and old trial transcripts to figure out arguments that work and arguments that don’t in front of a jury or a judge. I know specific judges just because I’ve been in front of them often, and I know what strategies will or won’t be effective. These are all aspects that a person who chooses to represent themselves will miss.

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