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What Is a Civil Case?

A civil case is a non-criminal lawsuit that involves two or more parties, (private citizens or companies). Civil cases typically involve claims from the plaintiff accusing the defendant of failure to perform a legal responsibility.

Common civil cases include:

– Business Cases
– Contracts
– Personal Injury
– Property Disputes

Why Hire A Civil Trial Lawyer?

When a business dispute arises, the expertise of a civil trial lawyer who can guide clients through complex legal matters is essential. The legal system is intricate and without the assistance of a proficient civil trial lawyer, the chances of winning your case are slim.

An Experienced Civil Trial Attorney

Civil trial lawyer Brad Miller has successfully represented various civil cases in both state and federal courts. He not only recognizes the importance of listening to his clients, but also knows how critical it is to execute a thorough investigation and discovery process.

We are here to help

If you and another party become embroiled in a civil legal matter, attorney Brad Miller is equipped to take your case to trial.

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