Criminal Defense Attorney with Courtroom Specialization

Finding the loopholes that will restore your life

Expunge your record
Avoid prison time
Safeguard your career
Restore your reputation

Criminal defense is about so much more than just avoiding prison time.

Career Damage
Family Burdens
Reputation Loss

You deserve the chance to restore your life. Stand up for your rights with Brad Miller Law.

Don’t let criminal charges ruin your life.
Let me help you put the pieces back together.

Detailed investigation skills to uncover legal loopholes

Specialized courtroom expertise in presenting a compelling case to a jury

Knowledge and experience to navigate every aspect of the legal system

Ability to mitigate future fallout and impact on your life

When you’re in trouble, there’s so much more at stake than jail time. I deliver a criminal defense strategy that pushes back on the system with legal and courtroom expertise.

Man charged with White Collar crime filling out paper work

Criminal Defense

Investigate loopholes and push back against government overreach. Limit prison time and protect your reputation at all costs.

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Corporate Financial Defense

Address tax-related offenses and business violations. Safeguard your business, protect your rights, and keep opportunities open.

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Wrongful Lawsuits

Protect your business assets from vindictive and malicious lawsuits. Seek alternative ways to resolve issues before they become public lawsuits.

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Nobody expects criminal charges to be a part of their story. Let's change the narrative so you can get back to your life.


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Let's talk about what you’re up against. Educate me about your case. I’ll provide several strategy options, so you have control over how we proceed, and then build an action plan that works best for your situation.


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Gain total clarity about what you’re getting into. The fee agreement will lay out the specifics of our financial arrangement, including the scope of work and length of relationship. We’ll work together so you’re clear on exactly what to expect.


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Fully prepare for the road ahead. We’ll work to identify the essential documents and details needed to paint a full picture of your case. As a team, we’ll get started on the next steps to implement a winning strategy.

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The legal system is complex, and it’s hard to know where to turn when you’re in trouble. Be confident you’re in good hands with Brad Miller Law.

An expertise fine-tuned by years of experience as both the prosecution and the defense. Brad does a deep dive into your case to make clear, compelling arguments in your favor.

The unique insight of currently serving as both an attorney and a Major in the United States Marine Corps. Brad combines deep knowledge of government relations and military operations to navigate the system and help you keep your security clearance.

The authority of a published author and expert teacher. As someone who's taught classes on courtroom proceedings, Brad knows the ins and outs of the legal profession.

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Criminal Defense Attorney

Brad Miller

We all know the heart-stopping sensation of seeing red and blue lights flashing behind us. There's no worse feeling than realizing legal challenges are ahead, along with all their unforeseen fallout.

I believe everyone deserves a second chance. That's why I will use my extensive expertise to personally support you through your legal battle. Together we will broaden the perspective of the case, anticipate the unexpected outcomes, and decide on the optimal defense strategy.

Avoid the potential of life-altering fallout and instead, start rebuilding the life you deserve.